Let’s talk about the Internet!

child before mountain
Taking in the internet and all its content is like a child facing a giant snow capped mountain, not expecting an avalanche.

We are here to talk about the past and future of the Internet.

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When I decided to write on a blog about the internet in our lives, I was not sure were to start. We all want to use the internet for our own good but sometimes it does harm more than good. So what shall we do to make the most of the Internet and use its benefits?

Let’s Get Together Around the Net

  • Let’s come together and try to make Internet world a better place.
  • Let’s make the internet something we feel proud to present to our children.
  • Let’s make sure the important documentation of world events with truthful and insightful documents are hosted and published without end on the information superhighway.
  • Let’s make sure we responsibly use our natural and physical resources to maintain virtual libraries of priceless information.
  • Let’s not take lightly the task of following current events and making useful and insightful commentaries that help our children understand the truths for which we stand and the places that we find important and meaningful.
  • Let’s create maps that allow for easy access to these important events and places and hope that there is no loss of documentation.
  • Let’s provide for the common usage of the internet so class distinction is not based on the availability of personal education.
  • Let’s make sure that the libraries of concrete supplies and materials for education are never fully eclipsed by the digital world from which we draw our daily information.
  • Let’s not forget that there are a hundred other ways in which people can access information and that the internet while a more expedient way of accessing the truth is not the only way to get to it.
  • Let’s purchase and thus support those who are creating content so that we might be patrons of the arts both on-line and off-line.

What is the Internet?

The best known source of encyclopaedic information states that the internet:

“Is the global system of interconnected computer networks.”

It goes on to define what IP and TCP mean in the world of internet usage. I think though that you might be best equipped to responsibly use the internet and provide guidance for those using the internet if you understand what it is. The world’s largest library, that stores not just the books published by professional writers and academics but every prepubescent child’s collection of photographs, drawings, musings and video game recordings. It’s essentially the shelf upon which the digital world has now set all it’s materials. Passwords, sit like wallets on the shelf, just waiting for someone to reach inside find the key to your wall safe and grab your valuables.

The pictures you would once only keep on your shelf in your room are now being stored on a server in the basement of some cloud server’s basement where your pictures are stored. And with crowd cloud sourcing one is now essentially storing their pictures in a stranger’s hard drive hoping that they will be safe and secure and untouched.

Make sound decisions about things you want to keep. Don’t think you have to haul around hundreds of text copies of everything but remember the power of a few portable hard drives and the importance of backing up your information on private servers (hard drives). You’ll be glad you did when the internet goes down for a day or three.


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