Is Technology Addictive?

When the Internet came into our lives we were very impressed. I was in university by that time and was so curious to learn about this priceless, endless world. There were many search engines to choose from. Altavista, Yahoo, Excite.. and there was even one that we could ask questions and get answers – early google times :) Please post in comments if you remember that website!

There were many chatting sites and programs also. Many of them were like clubs. Everyone logs in with a nickname, which were generally aWkWarD. Once, I remember sitting in the school lab with my closest friends – we were all chatting online with other people and even to each other! We were not sitting in the cafe drinking coffee and criticizing how awful the algorithm exam was. That is when it hit me that online chatting is like an addict.

So we had an agreement with my friends. That was it! We were back to real life with real friends.

I certainly understand that there are some unsocial people who prefer to stay online for hours and hours – looking for friendships. And I honestly feel sorry for them. The future of technology is based on the internet. That, I totally agree but future of humanity… that is not online.

Same with books. There are programs that you can read a book on your computer, tablet or phone. There are even electronic books. This is something I do not feel comfortable with. I sometimes have the feeling that there are days to come as told in the novel by Ray Bradbury  –  Fahrenheit 451 .

These days knowledge is everything. We should use every resource to get the information we need. Internet research is one of these ways. But we should never forget that the history is also full of knowledge. We should research, investigate and never give up to get what we need.